Ten Boxes: A Story of Stuff
by Susan Fekete


Jonelle is a woman possessed by her possessions. Creative, vibrant and coping with largely untreated bipolar disorder, her profound appreciation for all things beautiful and unique manifests into mountains of accumulated “stuff.”


This fascinating memoir considers the pervasiveness of the objects we love, and the weight of their remains.  In Ten Boxes: A Story of Stuff,  mental illness is stripped bare of popular perception and redressed through intimate witness, tinted by both the despondency and the joie de vivre of madness.


In language both realistic and lyrical, the author interweaves the details of her mother’s life and her own into a testimony about the complexities of family and the consequences of our choices.


Donald Trump is an affront to the entire feminine ethos of caring. He is the ultimate self-aggrandizing, toxic male who will always act on his own behalf. This is his pathology. And by extension, he is a public health danger to women, emotionally. Fury: Women’s Lived Experiences During the Trump Era brings together a diverse community of women who reveal the impact Donald Trump’s behavior, words, and presidency has had on each one of them, how each is confronting the problem, and how she is fighting back. Most readers will identify with more than one of these powerfully authentic and revealing personal essays representing a refreshingly broad representation of viewpoints. And that is exactly why Fury matters: it will help the reader feel less alone, work through some of their own hurt and pain, and formulate a plan for what they can do to bring about an end to the Trump presidency. Fury is a cohesive narrative of the times we live in, and chronicles a unique chapter in history for the edification of generations of women and allies to follow.

Fury: Women's Lived Experiences in the Trump Era

Edited by Amy Roost and Alissa Hirshfeld-Flores

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